Werdna: Inner Peace

A time of peace has settled over Alliance lands following the recent completion of the Bastion Line, bringing the Razor War to its end. The last raid ended months ago, and the unrivalled strength of the Bastion Line has turned vast armies back to their own lands, and removed the need for the vast majority of the Alliance military.

The Alliance consists of Dwarves, Elves, Humans, and Halflings. The Dwarves built the Bastion Line, an unchallenged wall of steel and stone, cut directly from the mountainside. They live primarily in the mountains, but depend heavily on humans for food and supplies. The High Mountain Elves were hit hardest by the war, and their last remaining city was burned to the ground during the final year of the Razor War. They are a lost race, scattered and few in number, but they are an intellectual, immortal race, and their presence is always an honor. Humans and Halflings make up the bulk of the Alliance’s resource engine, they produce the vast majority of the food and supplies. But Halflings have a tendency to commit criminal acts much more often than other races, and they are held in low esteem in many places.

Stormhold is the hub of the Alliance society, where all races come to trade and live as one. The city of Stormhold was built as a fortress during the beginning years of the Razor Wars. Its outer wall rings a vast cityscape. Tens of thousands of humans, halflings, dwarves, and elves live inside, many have migrated from rural and militant lives to become city folk. A few main communities in Stormhold include Watchpoint, Brightvale, and Stormvale. Stormvale encompasses the largest area, and is between the outer and inner walls of the city, it is a place where people from all walks of life can be found. Brightvale is inside the inner wall, and is named for its illuminated streets, crime is less rampant in this community, and the Golden Spoke market is located here, boasting the greatest assortment of goods and services in the known world. Watchpoint is located inside the walls themselves, and is primarily a military community. It has two separate sections, one inside each wall. The king and other major political figures live in Inner Watchpoint.

The city of Stronghold has turned its significant military force inward, to solve the issue of rampant crime that developed during the war years. After the end of the Razor War, the Alliance disbanded a great many of its soldiers. Some of the youngest have not known a life of peace, and have turned to other violence, acting as thugs, bouncers, and bodyguards. Innocent people are killed every day, sometimes for no more than a few pieces of gold. As a result, the king is implementing very strict policies against crime. Public execution is commonplace, and it is not a crime to kill a person who commits a criminal act, provided that you have the paperwork allowing you to do so. The paperwork is fairly easy to obtain if you perform a good deed for the city. Fair trial is not common, and only a handful of witnesses can condemn a man to prison or to death.

Racism is a large problem in the city. The long war with the Razors has led to the fear and hatred of non-Alliance races. Uruksai (Razor Orcs), goblins, and draconics are the mainstay of the Razor army, and are particularly hated, often killed on sight by aggressive citizens, and at best reported by softer citizens. There exists another race of orcs, the Urukert, or Lost Orcs. These non-militant orcs live in small villages to the west of Stormhold, ringed by misty bogs.

The trade in magic trinkets has risen sharply since trained magi left the field of battle for civilian life. It is not uncommon to find children playing with magical toys, or adults using magical implements to perform basic tasks. Commonly found items include heating, lighting, waste disposal, and janitorial machines. Some items are less common, zones of silence around beds, extra-dimensional storage bags, shoes that walk easily on ice, and personal heating gems to ward off the cold. The richest utilize advanced magic, teleportation being chief among them, walking miles in a single step. There is a large arch inside Inner Watchpoint Keep, and it leads to its duplicate in Bastion. This teleportation arch is used strictly by the military to transfer supplies between Stormhold and Bastion.

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Vernar: Inner Peace